How To Make Constructive Play Beneficial

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Did you ever think about doing something different with your kid’s play structure? Do you believe they should play with different tools aside from the traditional school playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment?

When my daughter was under five years, I tried to keep her away from outside tools with which elder kids play. I am not a strict mom but I dread injuries a lot. On the other hand, I wanted her to have some physical and mental activities that could help her grow. Upon searching, I came to learn about constructive toys. Believe it or not, it did wonders for my daughter’s growth! The positive aspects that I noticed in her are as follows.


I saw her trying different ideas while building blocks. From time to time, she used to try tens of ideas for building one thing. The thing that I loved so much about this game was she never gave up. She maintained on rhetoric and tried one thought after another; ruining one structure and trying another. Now, I see she finds a way out of every difficulty that comes in her way, whether it’s academic or social.


The fine motor skills are all about hand and finger movement. The simple daily routine activities like brushing your teeth, picking an object, combing your hair, etc. help in strengthening the fine motor skills. We ignore importance of these basic activities, but they play a substantial role in our lives.

So as to enhance your child’s motor skills, try indulging him in constructive play. It involves simple yet effective hand motions that ultimately lead to enhanced performance.


It may seem crazy to you but constructive play can help in enhancing academic learning abilities. How? You must wonder! We do not realize the activities involve in constructive play are actually some learning abilities. For instance, it requires calculations, measurements, and simple geometry. Furthermore, it involves science such as brainstorming, experimentation, tricking, and sometimes, even hypnotizing. Aside from that, your kid has to do some writing and readings as well while constructing something. All this contributes to enhancing your kid’s academic skills and also make him the best of students.

4. Enlarge Imagination

Constructive play is all about imagining different things in mind and bringing them into actions. I saw my daughter building different things ranging from a castle to a ship. She imagined these structures in her mind and executed them as real as possible. Every time she played, she tried different ideas and it involved her creativity. This made her a better thinker and a intelligent individual.


While building blocks and playing similar games, the starting ideas usually go in vain. Destroying a structure and trying another idea is pretty normal while constructive playing. However, it is frustrating and makes a individual impatient. That’s where constructive play plays its role and boost patience in children. It makes them consistent and motivates them to reach their targets.

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